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As a young lady I've always been inspired by strong women in leadership positions. Women's role in society is just as powerful as the rain in cycle of life. So I decided to research the Modjadji Queens who are now recognised by the State as leaders of the only Queendom in SA. It was only fitting to dedicate this print to the 1st Rain Queen Maselekwane Modjadji who ruled in the 1800s during a time when women were hardly recognised as leaders. The fact that the Queen could really make it RAIN also intrigued me! My inspiration was drawn from Rain. I visualised the effect of raindrops falling onto a glass surface, creating streaks which I translated into various linear lines playing with thicknesses & height. Then included circles to represent the raindroplets to strike a balance in the composition. This resulted in a bold stripped like pattern with a rich cinnamon colour palatte inspired by a Trenery outfit. The Rain maker Print went through a few adjustments and a process of careful consideration of the pattern application on the final garments. Working alongside Head of textiles at Trenery Australia, the outcome is a beautifully balanced piece of South African heritage with blue hues to accentuate the pattern. The Print of the month as a collection is available at Woolworths and Trenery stores nationwide, and in Australia and New Zealand.